Virtually invisible braces are really popular at the moment, this treatment is being asked for at our practice daily and we have patients from all walks of life starting the journey towards a straighter smile

When we initially started to offer Smilelign, I thought that it would mainly be women in their mid to late twenties opting for the treatment, but how wrong I was.  These so called invisible braces are being tried by men and women of all ages, because they are so easy to wear and tend not to affect your speech or the way you look while you are wearing them.  Obviously they have their limits and are not suitable for the more extreme cases, but they seem to have everyone at our practice hooked.

The process is so simple! After the dentist takes a set of dental impressions and an X-ray the laboratory then create a digital image of each patient’s mouth and then using the magical world of modern technology a computer calculates how many aligners it will take to move the teeth into the aligned position.  Once that’s planned another machine then prints a series of clear aligners and send them back to us to fit.  The patients are then shown how to use them and off they go.  Each aligner is worn for a 3 week period, for a minimum of 21 hours per day and then swapped for the next one in the series once the 3 weeks is up.

So here are 5 reasons we love Smilelign braces:

  1. They are pretty much invisible!
    If you are meeting new clients, pursuing a romantic relationship, or relying on your smile in any other way to build and create professional relationships, you may want to avoid the unflattering look of fixed braces.
  2. You Can take them out.
    Unlike braces that are stuck in place for the duration of your treatment, Smilelign braces can be removed when necessary. Making brushing and flossing a lot easier than fixed braces.
  3.  Less Trips to the Dentist.
    Because Smilelign is so easy to use and doesn’t need the dentist to adjust the braces, you have to visit us less often, normally it is around every 6 weeks to give you your next set of aligners and check your progress.
  4. Smilelign boosts self-confidence.
    For many people, traditional braces affect their confidence negatively, and although they create beautiful smiles eventually, for the time that a patient wears them they may experience feelings of self-doubt and embarrassment. While looks aren’t everything, Smilelign patients do not express the same grievances as other braces wearers
  5.  They are affordable.
    Unlike the American version of invisible braces, Smilelign are made in Sheffield, so the laboratory and shipping costs are substantially lower.  We also offer our Smilelign patients an in house payment plan that can run for the length of their treatment up to a 6 month period, or to make them even more affordable we also offer 0% finance.

Find out more about Smilelign braces here.

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