Preventive dentistry is all about sharing knowledge relating to the causes of the two main dental problems, tooth decay and gum disease.

Through sensible dietary advice and establishing an effective home-care routine, your child need never experience pain and discomfort through dental disease, like so many of their parents and grandparents.

Working together we can create the perfect smile for your children.


Sugary foods and drinks cause decay, it is important that they are given to children sensibly and that we as parents control the amount of sugar our children have.

Try to keep foods and drinks containing sugar to mealtimes, this will help to control the frequency of sugar intake.

Offer your child a well balanced diet of healthy foods, fruit and vegetables. If they are hungry between meals give them some fresh fruit or raw vegetables to eat and keep sweets to a minimum and so discourage a sweet tooth.

When your child requires any medicine, ask your doctor if a sugar-free variety is available.


Obviously prevention is better than cure, but in those instances where a filling is required, as a practice, our policy is to avoid the use of mercury containing fillings in children’s teeth.

We much prefer to use modern, bonded tooth-coloured materials to reduce the risk of further decay leading to early tooth loss.

Davild Hilton, Principle smiling with a smiling child in Churchfield Dental Centre's waiting room