Philosophy in Practice

It is our aim to promote dental health for all, for life.

We invite you to work with our skilled Nurse Counsellors to cure and prevent dental disease in your mouth. Through regular dental health reviews and advice, we offer to work with you to achieve dental health for life.

Apart from rare exceptions every child is born dentally healthy, and we believe that there are few real reasons why they shouldn’t remain that way. For those who have experienced dental disease and subsequent dental treatment, our aim is to help you eradicate that disease and achieve dental health once more.

Dental treatment need not mean an endless cycle of check-ups, scale and polishes, and replacement fillings. Experience has shown us that by helping people to understand their dental disease, they are far better equipped to prevent its recurrence – resulting in long-term dental health, fewer visits to the dentist, and an improved quality of life.

Many of you will be aware of just how debilitating dental disease can be. Let us help you to eradicate that disease, and to help prevent your children and grandchildren from ever having to experience it.

Seeing is believing

We routinely use phase contrast microscopy to demonstrate the bacteria present in your mouth, and to determine the numbers and types of bacteria living there. With our knowledge and understanding we can help you to remove them, preventing both gum disease and tooth decay.

Children, Teeth and Faces

Our family practice encourages parents to bring their children even before any teeth appear so we can work together to show you how to care for your child’s teeth and gums. We carefully monitor each child’s development and facial growth from an orthopaedic point of view. We can then treat any problems early, often avoiding the need for unnecessary tooth extractions and promoting harmonious facial development to give attractive faces and a healthy smile!

Modern Techniques, Latest Materials

Through continuing education our team works together to offer you the latest techniques, materials, up to date information and care. Wherever possible we offer you an informed choice as to the filling materials available and will recommend the most clinically appropriate. If you are concerned about any aspect of your dental appearance please feel free to discuss it with us. We offer a huge range of cosmetic dentistry treatments to restore your confidence, including teeth whitening, dental implants and invisible braces.

Remember – we’re here to help!

Churchfield Dental Centre team member demonstrating how to brush teeth using a giant replica mouth