Dental Health

At CDC we believe that dental health can only be achieved by eradicating dental disease. Simply visiting the dentist every six months is not enough to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

The diseases we are mainly concerned with are tooth decay (caries), and gum disease (periodontitis). The bacteria that live in our mouths are the main cause of these diseases, but by changing our behaviour we have the power to control and prevent them.

At CDC we recognise that maintaining good oral hygiene is not always easy, especially if your teeth are uneven or crooked. This is why we offer to develop a personalised oral care routine for you, showing you the best way to remove harmful bacteria from your mouth.

By modifying our diet, habits such as smoking, and the daily removal of these bacteria we can eradicate dental disease – and truly achieve dental health.

There are many benefits to achieving dental health – including less frequent visits to the dentist. We now have many patients who have chosen to eradicate their dental disease, and only need to be seen every 9 or even 12 months.

There are also links emerging between dental disease and general disease, such as stroke/heart attack, pneumonia and premature/underweight babies.

Our practice is about people – not just teeth, and we feel that it is important to appreciate the relationship between dental health, and general health.

Most people understand how lifestlye choices such as diet and personal hygiene affect their dental health, but there is also evidence to show how poor dental health could be affecting your general health.