Your Baby

Being the parent of a new baby is both an enjoyable and rewarding time. It is vital that we as parents are aware of the importance of our childrens’ teeth and how to care for them, even before they put in an appearance.

  • All our children are born free of dental diseases.
  • We know the causes of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • We know how to prevent it.

We wish to share this basic information with you so that between us we can ensure that your child keeps a healthy mouth and happy smile for life.

Remember we’re here to help!

Babies’ Mouths

It is a good idea to clean your baby’s gums regularly – this removes any milk that might still be there and also gets them used to having their mouths cleaned. To do this you can use a soft clean piece of cloth or a cotton bud.

Reducing the bacteria in your babies mouth may help in reducing teething pain.

When the first tooth does appear you can use a small soft bristled brush designed especially for babies.


Try to avoid the use of a dummy, or at the very least reduce their use to as little as possible.

Long term dummy use or thumb sucking habits are the main cause of under developed jaw bones and crooked teeth.

laughing baby looking into the camera