Penistone Dentist

Penistone is a market town in the borough of Barnsley, not far from Sheffield and the Peak District. It’s a beautiful area with lots of rural farmland surrounding the town and with gorgeous views of West Yorkshire and North Derbyshire, especially from Hartcliffe Tower!

Churchfield Dental Centre is just a fifteen-minute drive from Penistone. We are one of the top private dental practices in the Penistone and Barnsley area, offering excellent treatment for a full range of dental problems.

As well as providing routine care and family dentist treatments, we have a highly trained dental team who can help you have that perfect smile! Our cosmetic dentists are experienced clinicians that can provide dental implants, invisible braces, and teeth whitening treatments. Get your confidence back with Churchfield Dental Centre!

For a quality private Penistone dentist practice, get in touch with Churchfield Dental Centre today.

“Going to Churchfield dentists is almost a pleasurable experience; the staff could not be more caring” – Lynda

Caring & Friendly Dentists

At the heart of Churchfield Dental Centre is a team of dedicated and caring dentists. The ethos of our dental centre is centered around bringing the highest levels of care to every person that walks into the practice – without exception. This doesn’t just mean delivering excellent dental treatment; it’s also about caring for each individual as a person.

We appreciate that coming to the dentist can be daunting or cause anxiety, so we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. All our staff want you to feel happy and safe so will provide whatever you need to make that happen.

If you want to talk through your questions in detail, we make the time to ensure you have every query answered. We work efficiently so you don’t have to experience unnecessary or prolonged treatment, and we do our best to ensure you feel in control throughout.

Dentist Penistone

To visit one of the best dentists in Penistone, get in touch with Churchfield Dental Centre today. We would love to hear from you and discuss your needs from simple checkups through to cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Our professionally trained dentists offer a range of high-quality treatments. From fillings to teeth whitening, we are happy to help. Click here for a full list of all our services.

Penistone to Churchfield

Getting from Penistone to Churchfield Dental Centre is simple. Whether you drive or use public transport, it’s easy to access excellent private health care.

Driving to your Penistone Dentists

Driving to Churchfield Dental Centre takes approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on where in Penistone you’re traveling from. Driving down the A628 is usually the fastest route. We have a car park on site with disabled spaces.

Public Transport

Churchfield Dental Centre can be reached from Penistone via public transport. The particular area in Penistone you’re coming from will dictate which will be the best bus for you. If you’re coming from the centre, you could get the number 20 bus from Market Place next to St John the Baptist church. This takes approximately half an hour to reach Alma Street, which is a ten-minute walk from Churchfield.

Penistone Dentist

Churchfield Dental Centre provides leading healthcare to people of all ages. We are skilled in offering the best in cosmetic dentistry, helping you get back your confidence. Cosmetic dentistry is not about vanity; it’s how readily you smile, how happy you feel in your own skin and how free you feel to enjoy life without hiding your grin!

If you’re in Penistone and looking for an excellent private dentist, get in touch with Churchfield Dental Centre today.